Foul Friday

Started off blustery and cold’ish. Spent most of morning on the phone and on-line (necessary stuff).

Finally got out a couple of hours ago. Saw 2 broken umbrellas within 200 yards. not surprising.

Been with Mr B to Lidl and now having flat whites at Ponti. They now have a choice of 3 vegan milks. I’m impressed. In the beginning they weren’t too interested. But with the huge increase in vegans (young especially), and being near the Triangle (Bournemouth’s ‘alternative’ hub, with now 2 vegan eateries and a third opening), the demand’s there.

Mr B is nagging me to go. He’s been round the block twice. But I keep getting distracted. Was chatting to the 3 charming Italian owners of a Poole Quay restaurant.

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