Back in ...........

 ............. Blighty.

17/17 .......

Anyone who has flown into London Heathrow Terminal 5 will have probably seen these bodies of water ...... this was the first opportunity of a photo as it was VERY cloudy and raining when I landed.

The flight left late and arrived early (well done British Airways - other airlines are available).

My 125 mile drive home was without incident and I walked into the house at 2.30pm to a crazy greeting from a crazy dog and flowers from Himself (perfect for FlowerFriday this week) - he'd also cooked (from scratch) his signature Chicken curry - that's perfect for my birthday on Saturday!!

A hospital appt this morning (Friday - I'm backblipping) 50 miles away so we were out at 07.30 for that with a visit to a garden centre on the way back - tea and cake for lunch - yay!

A fun-filled day.

MY flowerfriday photo will be late (again) and I will endeavour to sprinkle BB Hearts and HMs for FF22_2019 on Saturday and FF29_2019 will probably be on Sunday or Monday - sorry for the delay, folks.

~ Anni ~

Backblipped on Friday 5 April 2019

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