If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Coloeus monedula

This Jackdaw is getting brave enough to visit the feeding station.  Not terribly brave, if it sees the slightest movement it takes flight.  Being a corvid it is clearly intelligent and knows there are humans through the window, and keeps watching for movement.

The things I do foe a blip.  I managed this shot by leaving the camera on the table, then when it appeared, I crawled across the floor (below its sight level).  Having got to the table I then had to slowly reach for the camera and bring my head and shoulders into view.  It clearly thought something was going on!

Jackdaws have an average life expectancy of about 5 years but ringing has proved they can be long lived.  The record age (proved by ringing) is currently 17 years and 22 days set in 1980.

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