The Dog Family On Tour

I was going to train this morning and then take the boys for a long walk, but plans were changed. 

I saw a picture on Instagram of my nephew playing keyboard. The keyboard was his birthday present. His birthday is in May, but he had wanted a keyboard for so long (according to himself) that he just couldn't wait for it any longer. It said on Instagram, that they had decided to celebrate his un-birthday today.

20 mins later, I had a text from my sister saying that Marcus was celebrating his un-birthday today and he had just asked her if she had invited the family. Obviously she hadn't as she didn't know until this morning, that there would be a party.... but if we didn't have any plans, we were welcome.

I decided that training wasn't that important and my dad was free too, so we all met in Hillerød to celebrate un-birthday. 

It was a fabulous day! 

We had lunch, my dad had brought cake and we had McDonalds for dinner. 

My nephew played for us on his new keyboard and we had a wonderful walk with all the dogs. My picture today is the Dog Family: Hero, Gollum, Biscuit, Diva and Amy. 

My extra picture is Gollum, who found an old chew, which immediately turned into Amy's favourite chew as soon as she saw Gollum look at it :-D

Happy weekend, Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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