A day in the life

By Shelling

More Liverleaf

I just couldn't resist showing you this rarity. I went on a guided flower trip this morning and we saw, of course the blue Liver leaves now covering the ground like carpets, but also a rare variation of it. This is not an  ordinary white Wood anemone but a white Liver leaf flower, growing only in two places here. You can also see red, pink and purple ones next to each other so they can vary a lot, even if it's the same individual. Our guide said the same individual can cover a square kilometer with its root system. A bit like fungus.

In a week the ground is going to be completely covered in white Wood anemones, so much that they will cover the blue ones so their season is slowly coming to an end. If we're lucky we will see all three kinds in a couple of weeks, the blue Liver leaf, the white Wood anemone and the Yellow anemone side by side. 

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