While on my runs

By waipushrink

Lord of all it surveys

Daylight saving ended this morning, and I had planned an early morning run to see the sunrise over Kawau Bay at lowish tide. Too much cloud to let the sun shine through. I chose to spend the morning sorting through documents, filing and copying as needed, and have another later afternoon trip to the mudflats.

Glad that I did, as I saw a trio of Tuturiwhatu (NZ Dotterels). They were much more accommodating of my presence than most of the other birds I saw. I've put the photo which I think best shows the size and energy of the Tuturiwhatu up as extra.

The Matuku moana (White-faced heron)in the main photo was intent on keeping its distance, but in the process of doing so, at least it kept a good angle, which permitted the taking of good photos.

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