My Year in Pictures

By jenny

The balloon game

Backblipped 18th December

This is one of those images that will mean absolutely nothing to you unless you were there!!!

The previous evening the "grown-ups" ended up batting the balloons we'd got back and forth to each other across the coffee table - and as a few wee glasses of fizz had been consumed it did get quite enthusiastic and competitive - though only one wee glass got broken despite the exuberance of certain members of our party!

Anyway when we told Heather and James the next morning they insisted that we had to play again - so we did!

A top day all round though. Daddy, Dave, big James, baby James and I did 4x4 off roading first thing - couldn't believe the steepness of what we went up and down - was ace fun though slightly unnerving just letting the Landrover do what it does best on the downhill slopes and not having your feet anywhere near any pedals!

Then in the afternoon all of us, bar mummy who was fighting a horrible cold, went quad biking! What a blast - I so want to do that again!!! An hour of racing round the quarry and woods and getting covered in mud! Heather and baby James were with the instructors and baby James's was a bad ass!!! Overtaking, going completely off track and then 360 degree wheel spins on the ice - think we were all a wee bit jealous!!

Then a bit of swimming for some of the party and followed by ace pizzas from Dave in front of Strictly.

Perfect end to the day.

Please note the classy way the banner was attached to the mantlepiece - the chief decorator (me!) forgot any form of string, pins or blu-tac and so we had to resort to beer bottles!!!

How could I forget the amazing breakfast we had at the hotel this morning! Yum scrum!

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