Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Wildflower Week 2019

This is white dead-nettle - Lamium album - seen on Old Winchester Hill this afternoon.  Don't you love the flowers' furry white caps?

As promised, I'm re-starting the WildflowerWeek challenge, at least into (the UK's) early autumn.  It will run from Monday morning to Sunday night each week so you can put in entries any day.  I did say I'd start from beginning of April and I've been a bit slow - sorry - but if you had put in something last week hoping I'd get going quicker, for this time you can add it to the first WFW.

So the first tag is WFW19_01 and it will run from Monday 8th to Sunday 14th April and also include any tagged entries from last week.  I am very excited to see your entries and what wonderful wildflowers you can find for us!  Happy seeking..

Enjoy your evening and hope the beginning of the week goes well for you  xx

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