Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

Back home

Whew. We left for the airport at 6:30pm yesterday. Check in was straightforward, but there is a huge amount of building work at Banjul International at the moment, so we were in the old terminal building. We sat outside for drinks - there were two flights, one to Barcelona, the other to Manchester. The flights were never called, but eventually we all worked out when the gate was open and where. One or two ended up in the wrong line initially. 

We took off about half an hour late, and settled down, having our evening meal when we were already past Senegal. After dinner, we tried to sleep, but I had the middle seat, and it was impossible to be comfortable. Instead I was watching one of the stewardesses become increasingly unwell with the local stomach upset. We arrived in Manchester at about 3:30am, having made good time. Passport control was quick, but my case was second last off the plane. Everyone else bar one lady, myself and my friends, had gone. I was getting worried, as my case is black. But it eventually showed up and we went out and got the airline taxi home. 

Once back, I tided up a bit, then walked round to pick my car up. This was the journey to get my car.

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