Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Down Low at the Cross Country

It was our biannual visit to Weston Park for the horse trials.  I've been visiting for so many years I really wanted to try and get a different type of shot this time.  Perhaps happenstance but as well as my telephoto zoom on the camera, I thought I was carrying the mid range zoom.  I wasn't, instead it was the ultra wide angle zoom.  Really useful was my initial thought!

However, luck may have taken a hand, because as the advanced section started the obstacles were changed and I was able to get really close to this fence and very low.  I have to admit I was actually down on my haunches in the ditch, with a 3 stop graduated filter on the lens to try and control the sky's exposure, using Live View to get the camera as low as possible.  This was shot at 19mm on a full frame camera, I am about 10 feet from the horse and rider (but still behind a fence in a safe position).  The only way I might have got something better would have been to risk my camera on a tripod in the ditch, under the obstacle, using a remote.  Even I'm not that adventurous!

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