By dogwithnobrain

I'm Mandy, Fly Me

I don't think this was Mandy.... .but who ever it was, he took a wee run up to the top of the runway, spun round....  reved up his engines, and before he reached this point on the opposite direction he was already in the air. 

I have been hearing these planes for the last three weeks - there is a Royal Navy / Mix Forces / Mixed Countries  exercise on.   These exercises typically happen twice a year up here.  -  I met himself when he was on one.    

They dont normally bother me - I like having the interesting ships at sea, watching the planes take off from the airport, from the comfort of my desk... but this year, They've been doing night reconnaissance - I wake up and I hear the engines running, firing up and taking off.   And it's leaving me with such a feeling of unease. 

Himself thought maybe it was making me think war was on...   Or maybe it's awakening a distant memory of another life when there was a war. 

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