By dogwithnobrain

One Day I ran Into you

Boy And J landed in London  on Sunday morning.  J was vair excited to be on a train.  The trains in America aren't quite the same.  Or as often. 

They got to the hotel, and then we didn't  hear from them again, til this morning.  

On Sunday night they were at a Gig - one of their favourite bands.   But this morning, we got a message from J.  

She was even more excited.   

Because this was her first time in Europe, Himself thought it would be nice for them to Venture a little further than they expected - and had got them tickets on the Eurostar to Paris. 

They are on their way home now after a day which included over 12 miles clocked on their watches. 

From the range of photos- I'd say they've done Paris well.   Including Dinner in the Frenchest of French restaurants and eating snails. 

Boy has his meeting at the Embassy tomorrow morning, and then they will be on their way up here.   England, France and Scotland in 3 days.   

Not bad going eh? 

This is Tracey Emin's latest installation at St  Pancras Station - with "The Meeting Place" in the back ground and "Betjemen" in the foreground. 


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