Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Beautiful bloom

Early alarm - my other aunt called at 8am to say she had been called by AJ as ......... she had a nose bleed.

Quickly dressed and popped over to her, bleeding had stopped and she was going about her daily activities. Stayed for a few hours, giving a AJ a chance to do things but ask if unsure or if she couldn’t find something (having lived in the same flat for nearly 20 years everything was familiar and also WE moved all her belongs so she isn’t aware of where things are. We’ve tried to put things in drawers where they were before etc).

Home to put washing on from AJ and then spot of lunch out with hubby before the weekly shopping. Back home and catch up on tv. Hubby and I popped over to AJ to take some shopping and also return washing (all clean and pressed!). She’d had a nice lunch, chatted to some residents and then gone back in her flat. Still some things to sort out, but on the whole looking good.

Back home, did a brief surveying of the garden - my camellia is in bloom, such a lovely red colour. I purchased 2 at the same time and put them in opposite ends of the garden, one has thrived better than the other.


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