Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Moved in ........

After a confirmation call from Poole hospital to say AJ will be discharged today, collected my sister en route down to pick AJ up. No bleeding for 24 hours now from her right nostril so discharge home ok.

Took AJ direct to her new home, met hubby there and finished off putting up pictures. AJ orientating herself to her new environment. Around 6pm ............. nose bleed started (left nostril). Followed the right action (pinching nose for 5-10 minutes), but still very worried it will happen in the night. Called 111- they advised her to visit Frimley Park A&E (after explaining the previous 3 days).

Saturday night at A&E can be interesting, a real mixed selection of visitors. Triage’d an
3 hours later an assessment - more cauterisation and then back to the flat, just before midnight.

Long day ..........

Extra is of AJ using her phone, with the assistance of her magnifier.


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