Born in the USA?

I decided on the colour street shot today, although I was close to posting the men in black (and white) I had a whole week of B&W last week!

I wandered down to Princes Street at lunch time today to see the roadworks that are going to be in place until November for the tram roadworks. There were plenty of [not] workmen doing lots of [not] work and there was lots of [dis] interest in the future of transport in the city.

Oh well. Another sorry chapter in the tram tale begins.

If you have been around blip long enough to remember blip assignment Room 101 - then you will remember my views on trams...

BTW - check out yestedray's Taking in the View blip for a bit of a change of scene for my blips!

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LOTD: Big Mango's Street Food blip is a fab composition, light and colours.

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