Against the tide

No, this isn't what it looks like :-)

But there are some parallels. On the station platform this morning amongst all the commuters, it made me think about our daily routines. To and from, backwards and forwards, push and shove, standing room only. Often unthinking. Wake, eat, work, eat, TV, sleep. Materialistic. Always wanting more. Struggling. Surviving.

Don't get me wrong - I am not remotely depressed, just thoughtful. I don't feel at all subsumed by the great machine (although neither am I a rebel) ... and part of that is that photography lets me really see. I question things a lot and somethimes that feels like swimming against the tide.

One things for sure - someone with an iPod is going to be pissed!

Oh, in other news, Mrs42 woke me with breakfast in bed this morning, along with one of my snowdrops in a little glass for my birthday. Thanks babe.

I'm looking forward to dinner with lots of friends this evening too. Pancakes for pudding of course!

- - - - -

LOTD: Wingpig's "if you have to ask the price" - interesting gentle shot and random musing as ever over on WP's journal today too.

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