By norfolkdoc

Lunch al fresco

I woke with a runny nose this morning. 

Despite that, we went to the gym.  There are no classes this week or next due to the Easter holidays, so we did our own thing on the mats, warming up and doing some balancing and some core exercises, before going on to do some cycling and use the resistance machines.  I then went off to swim - not W's favourite form of exercise.

I met one of the ladies who does aquarobics with me, and we chatted for a while - she was supervising her 4yr old grandson in the pool, whilst trying to do some exercises herself.  I discovered that, although she is only in her early 70s, she has several great grandchildren.

I managed all this exercise with very little interference from the nasal drip.  But when I tried to do some potting of hostas after our al fresco lunch, I was uncomfortably drippy, and frustratingly had to give it up as a bad job.  Hopefully it will not last too long.

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