By iaint


Monday was a real Monday.

The day started very well but at 10am Virgin Media arrived at the office - unannounced - to “upgrade” the wifi router.

Parliament deals with all the IT so perhaps a message got lost somewhere. Anyway, a compulsory “save everything and log out” event, just in case.

Well what do you know - they managed to blow a fuse. Next, a search for an electrician who could drop everything and save us. Fortunately, Parliament trusts us to do that kind of thing all by ourselves. The power was back for 1pm.

That was great. We had heat again, and the phones. But guess what, no wifi.

A 45 minute phone call (almost all of it on hold) to Virgin Media’s customer “service” function failed to solve anything, so at that point we gave up and went home. Almost nothing is possible without internet access.

I felt sorry for the Manager in all this saga. Her mum was taken into hospital with a very nasty problem yesterday, so a pile of grief from Virgin Media was the last thing she needed. We (the Hippie and I) did what we could, but...

At one stage I escaped the mess to warm up, and got a Blip as well as the hot drink,

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