By dreaming

A mono flower

For some reason, I thought today was Flower Friday, so I headed up to Sky Nursery to photograph some flowers.  It was only when I got home and saw all the mono blips that I realized I'd gotten it wrong.  What's rotten is that I took so many beautiful photos, none of which I can use for future blips!  But at least I have a new batch to send to Sharon - I still send her a flower a day.

Because Social Security has been my only income and is not taxable, I haven't had to file taxes in years.  But now that I'm 71-1/2, I've had to start withdrawing money from my IRA accounts, which is taxable, so I'm having to file a return again.  Tomorrow I plan to gather all the paperwork I need to do that, and with any luck and TurboTax, I'll be able to do it without too much hassle.  I am not at all an organized person when it comes to records and paperwork - that's why it was such a relief not to have to file.

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