Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Locked up

Today my blip brain felt locked up.  It's been dark and wet outside and rather chilly inside (yes, heating's now on).  So I decided to stick with the metaphor and blip this rather wonderful lock on an old wooden box where I keep junk.

It's not a smart box - the wood is rough and has never been veneered.  It's a working box.  Household?  Tools?  I don't know, but whoever made it thought it worth fitting this rather beautiful 19th century iron lock.  As a working mechanism though, the lock's derelict.  For as long as I've known it - and that's a long time - it's had no catch and no key.

Many thanks to Marlieske for the DerelictSunday challenge.

And have a happy evening  xx

PS: I am excited to see the entries already coming in for the first of 2019's WildFlowerWeek challenges.  Don't forget you have until Sunday midnight to get your entries in and should tag them #WFW19_01
Results on Tuesday/Wednesday next week x

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