Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Hoping I get to the end of this entry making sense all the way. (I'm falling asleep!)

So, the big day is tomorrow. Well, not the "big day" but the party is tomorrow. Timed the day before G was due to fly back to Dubai after being in HK for the first time. SweetArt has spent a lot of time thinking about her cake and today, with the help of a friend, they finished decorating it. All the baking was done yesterday.

You've got to have a real appreciation for the time and thought that goes into making a cake that looks like this. It was hours of work. I spent time generally staying out of their way and taking pictures as the work progressed.

The evening saw Sandy's group of girlfriends show up at very short notice for what they call Happy Hour. Everyone brings something, and they stand around the island (in the kitchen) and chat and eat and drink (a lot). :)  Too bad rachelwhynot missed it; she arrives tomorrow, just a few hours before the party!

Oh! I went down to the Plaza all by myself to get some gold ribbon and popped into the supermarket for some ice cream while I was at it. There were quite a few offcuts of the cake and I thought they would go down well with some vanilla ice cream!

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