a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Rain rain go away

Tiny Tuesday: Spring Rain

Its rained non-stop today.  The clouds have hung low like a thick grey duvet.  I would have said eiderdown, but not many people use eiderdowns now-a-days.  

On the plus side, there are lots of droplets on the spring flowers to blip.  

There is a saying that "water has no memory", which is one of those poetical phrases that sounds like it means something but when you try to grasp the meaning it slides away just out of reach.  Of course in the literal sense water can have no memory and yet .... water always condenses into  droplets which then join together to create little rivulets etc etc.  So perhaps water does have memory :-)

(I know, I know, I've really had to shoe horn the theme in this week!)

 This shot of rain on a tulip petal is almost straight out of the camera, I've added a slight crop  but other than that the tulip really is as vibrant as this.  Of course, I have had to use flash which has perked things up (quite) a bit.  If I had just stuck the camera on the tripod and waited for the full exposure in natural light I think the camera might still be out there in the garden even now :-) 

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