a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Noise

This thing would be a whole lot louder without that enormous titanium exhaust!  I don't think you can call the R1200GS a thing of beauty, its a large angular lump of a bike with considerable physical presence on the road, but not a thing of beauty.  So the exhaust can is entirely in keeping with the character of the bike.  Practical, teutonic, and perhaps lacking in the sort of design flair that the Italians like to bring to bear.

The BMW is actually a bit quieter than its predecessor the Ducati Multistrada.  They are both twin engined adventure bikes and both the best part of 1200cc, but the engines are chalk and cheese in many ways.  It may be an age thing, but I much prefer the civilised character of the BMW, it doesn't have the racing heritage of the Italian brand but its a lot easier to live with for the sort of riding that I like to do nowadays.

The bike is looking very clean in this shot, and I did wash it yesterday, but I have commuted on it into Bristol and back today and the roads were wet first thing.  I must have avoided the worst of the puddles!

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