On Some Days

By V1k1

Wide Wednesday . . . Heaven

I got a bit side tracked with the topic today.  I was thinking literally and didn't see the other word 'blissful'.  So gazing heavenward this morning I snapped this sculpture beside the Maitai River in Nelson.  It is a 9 metre sculpture of a waka/canoe sternpost and pays tribute to exploration and discovery.  It is called Taurapa which means sternpost.  The taurapa faces the incoming tide.  It is made of steel and designed by local artist Maia Hegglun.
Walking back from taking the photo I had a pleasant exchange with two men drinking beer from cans at 11.a.m.  They were clean and maybe only on the first can of the day.  They both like the sculpture and think there should be more Maori art around town.  I agreed with them.  

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