By Bradders

Things are going to get more bendy.

I was so happy to be back yesterday but got myself all worked up about money, for no reason.

I woke up at 5, but forced myself to have a sleep in until 6. Then sat around the hostel for a few hours and went to the shops, but everything was closed! I'm not used to being active at this time of the day.. I ummed and ahhhed and phoned Seth and then decided to buy a GoPro, so I got one. Now I can combine sports and photography!

Went to the esplanade to the lagoon with a few friends from the hostel, a relaxing few hours ending in a aqua workout session I had no idea was happening.

Kinda on edge, possibly because I feel a bit in limbo at this hostel, but I think I'll relax tomorrow with my diving course. Next time I come back to cairns I'll move.

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