By Bradders


Today I started my Open Water diving course!! 9am start, I was picked up from my hostel by Levi the instructor. 4 other people on the course.

We started off in the classroom, watching videos, discussing them and then doing a few tests.

Then to the equipment, the BCD, tank, DIN and yolk valve thing, 1st and 2nd regulator and back up, low pressure filler thing, and pressure gauge... I'll understand them more with time haha.

Practiced all sorts, water entry, swimming, diving, maintaining neutral boyancy, using a buddy's back up to ascend, goggle filled up, swimming without goggles, running out of air. Last thing we did was treading water for 10 minutes. And suddenly it's 6pm! The day went so fast.

I had such a blast, can't wait for tomorrow.

I decided as soon as I got back to the YHA, I'm changing hostels. I did not enjoy the company or the environment there. So I booked another hostel for tomorrow.

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