By Bradders

New digs

2nd day of my PADI open water, I got picked up at the hostel with all of my stuff and took it all to the dive centre.

We started off with about 4 or 5 hours in the pool, 200m swim, emergency ascent swim, environmentally sensitive bottom swimming, taking off and donning the BCD under water, dive planning. After we watched some more videos and did the main final test. I got one question wrong... because I didn't see it. Ah well, it's pass fail so I passed.

Tomorrow... diving on The Great Barrier Reef! You only do your first sea dive once, so I paid an extra $90 (£49) to stay overnight and do one more dive and morning snorkel. Can't wait.

I also moved into my new digs, immediately I knew it was better, much more homely, social, close knit. First two people I met we had a good natter, they were from Chesterfield and Manchester!

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