The King is Back

Or more accurately, I'm back. At painting that is. It's been awhile. I've been busy. And I usually don't paint the first Wednesday of the month anyhow. Today I finally got bold and added a bunch of warm, bright sunlight to the side of his mane. He makes me feel like snuggling up and ruffing his mane fur. Think I'll pass. Ha ha. 

I'm still super busy preparing my condo for sale. I'm streamlining the look of the place while I still live there. I'll be delighted when somebody comes along who must have it, just as I did two years ago when I bought it. I'd be staying much longer if it weren't for wanting to be near Shelly. 

I've also been moving some things to the new condo. I bought a new desk because all of the desk drawers I have here are built in. It's a very nice desk. However, I am quite annoyed with Amazon. That's where I bought it and somehow I didn't see their $20 "put it right where you're going to use it" added charge. So when the desk arrived, the truck driver dropped it off in my garage in a big crate on top of a pallet. After I whined a bit, he helped me break down the crate but he suggested I call Amazon to get the extra service. And so I did. But no. That service is only available if you order it when you buy the item. I really don't remember the offer of the service at that time. So I'm SOL. I do have a back-up plan though. I'll have the movers move that desk into the house before they unload the truck. So all is not lost. But at the moment it is a very large unmovable object in my new garage. Sigh.

But other than that, life is golden... except that Shelly is under the weather. Luckily he seems to be feeling better today. And I'm doing my best to help him feel better.

Here is The King last time I worked on him.

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