The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


So much has happened. We got home from Costa Rica on Thursday March 21st. On Saturday I looked at a condo very near Shelly’s. I bought it and have already been moving some things in. I and the cats moved in with Shelly last Thursday after I spruced up my condo to go on the market. On Friday it went up for sale. On Sunday we had an open house. Yesterday (Monday) I got an offer which I accepted for the asking price. Today they did the inspection. If all went well the movers come on April 30 to move my things and the new owners will take possession on or before May 22. Zoom zoom zoom. And today my friend Ian arrived for a three week visit. He’s staying with my brother Steve due to the in progress status of my move. Yikes.

Shelly is recouping from a bout of pneumonia. He had a health scare due to dehydration and pneumonia. Now that he’s on antibiotics he’s gradually getting better. I’m very happy and relieved about that.

Busy times...

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