...for Ingeborgs AbstactThursday challenge, & a big thanks for hosting it every week Ingeborg! I did this photo of Mae's pink carnations using intentional camera movement, and this is direct from the camera without any editing. I liked this one for it's soft pastel colors.
Below are the results for TT202, and again what a hard time I had making my choices! In the end, to narrow it down, I stuck with the theme of the week. There were many wonderful memories that went along with the posted images--I enjoyed reading each and every one of them--& I thank you for sharing those memories with all of us. There were also some entries that had a bit more literal interpretation of the theme, which I enjoyed every bit as much. :))

Freyjad     for her beautifully photographed tourmaline ring & memory of her holiday. 
MaryElizaR   for this lovely image of the inner workings of a music box that belonged to her mom
AH14inbw    for her fabulous image of a Kingfisher and it's tiny catch, shot in flight ("shot" being used figuratively, not literally speaking)--a memory she'll have for a long time
Trevsastar    for his "disk repair memory error",  where he managed to capture the tinies doing their repair work
Tigger101 for her memorable time spent with Rocky

Honorable Mentions:
Paola    for her wonderful coronation coach and horses, given to her by her mom
loosecanon   for his literal interpretation that cracked me up!
pkln    for an image that's not flashy, but warms the heart--as anyone who's had a child or grandchild who's made something "special" for you, understands
KangaZu    for her yellow buttercups that proved she liked butter
carolinav   For her sweet little porcelain doll that belonged to her mother

Next week is the last of the themed weeks: TT203 "magical"--open to any interpretation you'd like. :)

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