Shucking Oysters....

The weather was gorgeous today--sunny and warm--perfect for taking the ferry across to Daufuskie Island. The Island is located between Hilton Head and Savannah, & is only accessible by ferry. Once there, we rented a golf cart to get around the Island, as cars aren't allowed. We had a great time bumping along in our poorly running golf cart that kept backfiring and didn't go very fast......we could barely pass up two bikers, and they were pedaling VERY slowly!    :))
There's a rookery that was full of more ibis, anhinga, wood storks,(first extra)  and  one large alligator sunning itself on a grassy bank down the road.  We stopped at the Billie Burn Museum that showcases some of the Gullah History, and saw the old baptist church.....there's also a rum distillery and a vineyard on the Island, but since we were already having trouble with the golf cart, didn't think it wise to add alcohol into the equation!!   :))
Turned in our defective cart, headed back across the water on the ferry, & as it docked we saw these 3 guys shucking the containers of oysters. We had a late lunch/early dinner, (NOT the oysters!) then drove to Port Royal beach were we walked along the boardwalk. I took the photo of the little curly headed girl (second extra) there--I loved how she was covering herself in the sand, and her hair hid her face so I thought it  okay to post. ( I think this must be a new record for me--2 photos with people in them, & on the same day, too!!)   The third extra is a piece of driftwood I saw on the beach and just loved it's shape! :))

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