By gennepher

An accidental abstract...

...which is a distortion. This is exactly as the photo took itself.

I had just finished a painting which I was going to post for today, but I slipped sideways as I was taking the photo, caught the iPad, and myself. I was about to delete this resulting photo when I realised it was Abstract Thursday...and the theme is distortion. So this is perfect as it is my gel painting crayons, the lamp, and the wooden floor which I think you can make out.

I am fine, just a little tired today with some obtuse paperwork, numbers, trying to sort some elusive medicines, sorting out some elusive workmen ( who if are still elusive on Monday, my complaint steps up a few gears and I go over their heads), negotiating a location for an appointment by email (successfully), collected some parcels, went to my art group but forgot my children's gel stick crayons so couldn't do art work this afternoon, then an appointment came through for the cochlear upgrade in a few weeks.

Today has left me totally shattered.

I don't have to go out currently (unless something crops up), until mid next week. The weather app says sun for next few days. Stocked up on food. I will be in my retreat in the potting shed the next few days...

Popeye is sleeping on me. Taking care of me.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and love.
Take care x

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