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By Sallymair

They did it their way!

I was invited to a1st birthday party at the Ukrainian Club in Royal Terrace and was a little early so I walked up Calton Hill to pass the time.  I went into the new Lookout Restaurant on top for a cup of tea.  The views are quite spectacular and I got some wonderful pictures.
I was less impressed by the cup of tea I got though.  A Twinings English Breakfast tea bag - in a nice pot (which was clearly intended to have loose tea in it as it had a filter fitted) - for £5. I know I was paying for the location but I think they could have done a little better... It did come with a cubic inch of chocolate brownie though which was very tasty.
As I left the top of the hill I spotted a vintage taxi with bridal ribbons and so I looked for its occupants.  They were on the north of the hill with their photographer looking over the view.  The bride was wearing  blue ankle boots and a denim jacket over her wedding dress and carrying a gold handbag - she looked beautiful.
The party for little Deanna was clearly an example of Ukrainian hospitality.  Mum, who used to work in school with me looked so happy.  The traditional food just kept coming.  I left at 6, just after the cutting of the first of the beautiful cakes (extra).  I came home with a couple of pieces in a box,  quite delicious decorated with strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Wonderful hospitality and a beautiful baby.
Back home again I didn't need anything to eat!
16,619 steps today so that's a good start to the week.

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