By SweetArt

Party Day ... yay!!!

Very busy morning getting house and party stuff ready!

Sherry and Ben went to the airport to pick up Eileen, she’s arrived safely.

A few friends, Ben and I went down to decorate the party venue. Love how it’s all looking.

Extra shows some of the decorations that we made and ordered.

And here’s the cake! I’m not 50 till next week but I’ve been sung to twice already ;-).

The party was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. The venue had a pool table and darts and guests had a go at both. Fun stuff.

And we danced a bit too, wonderful way to end a party. Happiness :).

Got home to watch a slide show of the pics Sherry very kindly took during the evening and even managed to share it with Jon over the phone. He’s been so good at being in touch and talking through the prep. Miss my firstborn.

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