By SweetArt

Day of Recovery

Wow, after a mammoth day of busy-ness and welcoming Eileen and the party yesterday, I got to lie in a bit this morning.

We had planned to meet up with Nadine and spend the day with her as she’s flying back to Saudi today.

Had lunch in the plaza and got this pic of Eileen, Sherry and Ben on the waterfront.

After lunch, we traipsed over to Tung Chung to check out a few things.

Back to DB for dinner and Ev and Addie joined us to spend time with Nadine before she left.

Dropped Nadine off at the airport bus in the Plaza. It was so kind of her to fly in just for my birthday. What a friend!

Today is also my dear dad’s 8th death anniversary and it was good to talk to my eldest sister and remember him.

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