Photography Roadshow in Carlisle. I stood behind a LED ring light for this shot and Neil took the picture using my phone there's another in the extras a little bit puffy eyed due to an allergic reaction to treatment going on but amazing what a good light does I was very impressed with it, only problem is you can't connect a battery to allow going mobile with it (Im thinking wedding shots here) as it has to be plugged into the mains which was a bit of a letdown. Then there's a couple more extras of photobombing silliness with walkingMarj over on the Sony Stand. I think her extra is the worst one haha, (I'll pinch it and add it on the end of mine) Neil will kill us both then. It was lovely to see you Marj and thanks for the heartfelt hug.

I could have easily spent about £5,000 The Sony A9 camera was lovely, I like the double SD card slot. I would love the Ring-light and there was a Mag Flash that had magnetic gels and grids that I could have become super creative with but until I win the lottery I was forced to leave empty handed. I really enjoyed my day out though and the lectures were good, I liked the one about lighting.

Thanks again for all of your comments and well wishes, I pop in on you all and leave my sprinkling of stars when I can, currently back blipping.

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