nogbad's blips

By nogbad


I went down to the coast to get some fresh air and escape screens and work. I went through Iden and down to Rye before heading east along the coast road through Camber and stopping at Broomhill to take this shot. As I arrived the rain started, it was whipped along on a biting wind, so I waited in the car until it lifted. From here I went to the Little Railway Café at Dungeness for a mug of tea and a read - I've just started The Secret Barrister's "Stories of the law and how it's broken". All up a lovely day even though I didn't get much of a walk because the weather was horridable. I got home as the sun came out again but it's not warming up any. And now I have a decent wireless in my car I was able to enjoy listening to the football. As part of the whole new audio solution there is a hands-free kit with a microphone above the windscreen and the phone talking through the stereo using Bluetooth. I mention this because I even had a telephone call while I was driving and although my caller was disappointed (I'd already voted and not for her candidate) I liked not having to faff around, the phone rang, I pressed a button on the wireless and we were speaking - it's like magic (and I still don't know how her voice managed to keep up as we were going quite fast).

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