Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Killing machine

Today, Cleo killed a ball. She stalked it, pounced on it and then hugged it until it gave in. Happy cat.
In other news, S moved out today into her new home. C and I took the bus into town, dropped some trousers off to be shortened then walked home - 3.2 miles. When we got home I attacked all the pots in the back garden and they all now look respectable. I also planted a dog tooth violet I've been given, I wasn't sure where to plant it, so fingers crossed it will be happy under the apple tree.
Washing out and dried over the afternoon is always nice and it smells so good when it dries in the sun.
A quiet evening ahead now and looking forward to a long hot bath to ease the post gardening stiffness.
13369 steps today so 3/3.

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