By Topsyturvy


Same as yesterday really; dog walk in the woods where I found some Wood Sorrel which I've put in extras, and a feather masquerading as a flower and ruffling nicely in the breeze.

Home to more b****** joyous weeding. LH disappeared off to take advantage of the 20% discount at the garden centre and stock up on chipped bark, whilst I laboured on. I don't know how the chaps who landscaped the garden last year managed but I think I have 30 years or so on them (and they might possibly be a smidgen fitter!).

Anyway, in to watch the Masters and I've found it's finishing - I'd completely forgotten they'd moved it forward - and also that Tiger Woods (he of the grim visage and past misdemeanours now miraculously forgiven) is winning fairly conclusively. Evening plans have therefore changed into sewing and listening.

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