By AMK81

Permanently Exhausted Pigeon

I know, I know - they're collared doves not pigeons! :D I'm the permanently exhausted pigeon! ;)

I think I said yesterday I think I've been doing too much/ been on my phone and PC too much. Today it seems my body agrees with me! I started off the day with getting up and sitting downstairs to drink some water then feeling too nauseous to open my eyes for a little while. I managed to get breakfast after a bit but kept feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous and couldn't concentrate on anything. Sooo complete rest day it is!

I have enjoyed watching the birds in the garden this afternoon when I felt well enough to sit up again. We get a few different types - collared doves, wood pigeons, robins, blue tits, great tits, we seem to be lucky enough to have some local goldfinch too :)

I did get a couple of photos of a robin and a goldfinch but they were pretty blurry. I seemed to capture this collared dove couple much better! It's a shame I can't post GIFs on here as my phone made an animation from my photos - showing them comically jutting their heads out on repeat, which made me giggle.

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