By MikeWest

You Can't See Me...

'Cause I Can't See You. That's how the hide and seek game as a child used to go. A pair of ducks nesting somewhere in the marsh "ducked" behind a pillow of snow as I approached. The male kept a watchful eye on me to guard against danger, but they didn't fly away as they usually do. So I took my photo and left quickly. Unfortunately, in my panic to get set up I inadvertently moved the aperture to f22.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Or at least that's what people are hoping will happen. They are done with the snow by now. It looks very pretty though, so I'll make the most of it and round out my snow scene shots.

I still find snow quite hard to edit. Getting it white and bright, yet keep the detail and finding the correct white balance. It's a work in progress.

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