Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

From the wild

Sunday 14th April 2019                     (backblip)

Sunny ....... but boy was the wind cold!

Undaunted we set off this afternoon to Pioneer & Beech Wood ....... before we even reached the wood we saw & heard both a Robin & a Wren singing! Great start!

As we reached the wood we heard a Chiffchaff ..... first this year ..... we also saw Blue & Great Tits, Blackbirds, Robins, Magpies & even a pair of Jays ..... though none of them fancied posing! We also saw several Swallows for the first time this year :-)

We then decided to carry on walking up the road for a while ......... unfortunately as we turned for home ..... the wind started to blow a hoolie & there were a few spots of rain ..... not promising! Thankfully we didn't get more than a few spots of rain every now & then ..... but that wind was very cold!

As we had almost reached home we saw a Muntjac deer run across the road right in front of us! Something must have spooked it .... it dashed off into the little wooded area & disappeared.

All in all a really great walk :-)

As the birds were being uncooperative I have blipped a selection of wild flowers & non-wild blossom (bottom right) ...... hope you like them :-)

I've tagged them for Wild Flower Week ..... thanks to Miranda1008 for hosting :-)

Does anyone know the correct name for the Top Left?

Update: Top left is Red Dead Nettle ...... lamium purpureum ...... thanks to carol_dunham for the identification :-)

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