Our organising and renovating work at home continues. As part of that I took a car load of rubbish to our local recycling centre and on the way home I parked round the back of the garage  to wash the car's windows.  The back of a petrol station is never the world's most salubrious environment and this one is no different so I wasn't thinking blip at all. Then I saw the reflections in my (clean) windscreen...
Later, Jan and I took a walk and I took some lovely pictures, but nothing that impressed me as much these reflections from the slightly curved surfaces of the car.
Earlier in the day we'd removed some old shelves from our hall landing and were building yet another set of Kallax shelves to replace them.  So the extra photo shows that final set of shelves on the way to completion, plus all those clothes on the sofa, which will be filling these shelves as soon as they are in position.

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