Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

More blossom

Busy day at work and no time to go birding so I went for a quick drive in search of a blip this evening. Maybe a lovely sunset? No, too much cloud.
Maybe a duck from the pond near my parents? No, they were all pretty much bedding down for the night and not very interesting. Some pink blossom? Yay, that's the thing that will save me today :) 

Once I had decided, I just needed to find some that was not in someone's garden and near somewhere I could park. This one fitted the bill nicely. 

When I checked when I had posted my pink blossom shot from last year, it was almost the same date(14th April 2018). Last year's was from the tree at the end of our road, but this has been out of blossom for weeks now.....they are obviously different varieties. 

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