Happy Birthday Mike!

Suuuuuuper tired this morning after getting home from karaoke at 1am (but for some reason not getting to sleep until after 2am, because of course), but it'll take more than a bit of tiredness to keep me from my buddy Mike! The train journey to London was long so I spent most of it staring blankly out the window before meeting Mike at Euston. Today was a Pokémon Go community day, so we spent a couple of hours catching Bagons in Hyde Park with Miles and Gibson. There was a bit of friendly competition for shineys (I did not win) and quite a lot of Prosecco was imbibed! As it's Mike's birthday, we headed to Brewdog (after a speedy photoshoot on Stacey St) for beers and burgers. A delightful day with a delightful dude :)

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