Norwich Cathedral

I've had a slow work day, but did manage to develop a spreadsheet which I hope will make my job easier. At lunchtime Carol and I walked down to Riverside with Jane. I did a bit of shopping in Morrison's and then we walked back along the river and up through the cathedral grounds.

I've been in constant touch with Manda today. Dad has been taken into hospital, so that they can get some fluids into him. He was very dehydrated. They've been in A & E all day...and are still there. Dad is now on a drip and getting looked after. Hopefully they will find a ward for him soon. I am very grateful to Manda for being there with mum, while I'm feeling helpless 100 miles away.

It was my late night, and I didn't get away until nearly 6. I've had a weight watchers meal for dinner, and Jon and I have just had a walk to the allotment, in the almost dark.

Feeling tired, so will be in bed by 10.

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