Home early....er, no!

I didn't sleep very well and woke lots of times, then got up at 6. At least it meant I got to work early, meaning I could leave early.

Work wa frustrating, but I probably wasn't fully concentrating, although having worked with this specific pensions software for probably 25 plus years ( the five years before that, no computers...also known as the good old days) you'd think they could build something that actually works by now. They can't. I'm having to spend about 3 or 4 times as long on each case, manually adjusting things. I don't have patience when it comes to that. I was grumbling under my breath, I'm sure.

Had a nice message from Manda, who with mum were visiting dad this afternoon. He was sitting up, eating and drinking. Still very weak and having tests for other things, but so much better than yesterday. I'm cancelling my weekend with the scouts and heading back to Hoddesdon on Friday. I'll be able to help out a bit there.

I left the office at 4.30. The bus was late, but I got to the car at 5. Then nothing. I had stupidly left my lights on, so car was dead as a dodo. Grrrr.

I rang Jon (Always my knight in shining armour) who drove down with the intention of jump starting my car. We tried, and it didn't do anything.

Then he tried pushing it, to bump start, as he thought the starter motor wasn't working. Jon running through the park and ride car park, pushing my car. That didn't work either. Then an AA man, who had been parked up, drove over. We aren't in the AA and so against his rules, he must have felt he needed to do a good deed, and kindly jump started me with a giant battery anyway. How lucky for me. I could still be sitting there now. I had no cash on me, but he didnt ask for any. All I could give him was a smile and a thankyou!

Have done a few jobs since getting home. Washing, planting and packing.

Need to have a full night sleep tonight!

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