By Bella888

A different perspective

Another late blip. It’s 21:20. Got back 4 hours ago. Sat Nav sent us via the back streets instead of the M3/M27. Nearly 3 hours (plus a 1 ½ hour drive to Morden in the morning). Should’ve been max 2 hours at the time we set off. Could’ve been a lot worse as major works are affecting the A338 which takes you into Bournemouth from the motorway.

Made dinner (we had lunch at an Italian friends, in Morden, so not famished). Enjoyed another dose of White Asparagus. And have been glued all evening to Sky watching Notre Dame blaze. A disaster.

So going to unpack, then relax before an early night. And reminisce about 4 lovely days in London.

A hasty blip for Mono Monday. I expect you know what it is. Good Night x

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