A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Waiting in . . . .

How boring my journal is becoming - predictably flowery! They are such kind things, sitting there with their lovely colours and shapes just waiting to be blipped! I have been sitting in today waiting for a delivery man to collect a box.  I was told I'd be just given an hour's window sometime between 0900 hrs and 1800 hrs!   Well, I finally got the message and just as I sat down to my home made roasted cauliflower and turmeric soup lunch he arrived, a little early. Such timing!  Well, I had to do something to pass the time and having enjoyed said soup with a friend the other day, thought why not?  Really is a tasty soup!  So now I have four more portions to freeze for another day! 
It has been raining - the beautiful camellia in the corner of my yard has many blossoms but being tiny Tuesday I thought all the raindrops on the leaves would do today.
Sun is starting to think about appearing so might get out for a stroll.....

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