By ArcLight

501 tubing

Seeing a relatively old fashioned racing bike parked next to mine this morning, I couldn't resist a photograph. It reminds me of bikes I had more than 30 years ago. Well done to those who have kept them going all this time. I love those gear levers, although I don't miss them.

I had a few other photographic opportunities today, but I didn't take them. I had to walk down North Bridge through the Extinction Rebellers (to avoid taking a long detour), but I wasn't really tempted to photograph them. That was before it all kicked off, with arrests, later on. Earlier on, I gave PN a tour of the new law school. That was fun. I think she was impressed. I did take a photograph in the Senate Room, but it didn't come out well. I've promised her a pep talk later in the month before she has an interview down in London.

I ended my working day at Tribe, for a Pilates class. They take it seriously there...

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